HADOO Alterじゃneto

The alternator uses the rotation of the engine as a power source, generates the electric power of the electric parts, and the rotation of the output shaft directly becomes the rotation of the alternator, or it may be transmitted via the belt and the pulley.

The generated AC power is converted to DC and stored in a battery (storage battery) or capacitor. The rotation resistance and electric resistance which occur due to the high speed rotation of the coil are reduced by the high frequency and carbon type effect and the electrical loss is reduced to give the torque & power which is a gut.
Developed as tuning parts of electrical system. It is attached to a generator (alternator) to reduce the resistance during power generation, leading to stable voltage supply leading to improved response and power. Although I received many high evaluations so far, I renewed it to complement the smooth feeling of further growth. The renewal version will enhance the smoothness of growth and glossiness against the sound of audio.

installation method

Adhere the product of the alternator body to flat surface first and then stick the product with double-sided tape by degreasing.


商品名 : HADOO Alterじゃneto

価格 : 11,000円 (税込)

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