HADOO products are unique products targeting automobiles among them. HADOO product is acquired by patent income with material activation technology and commercialized
It was also done. The background of this activation technology is very complicated, but in nature it is under normal temperature and normal pressure environment, that is, under atmospheric pressure
It is a phenomenon occurring on a daily basis.
Full-fledged direct performance test on HADOO technology is going on, but user satisfaction is very high,
It is possible to expand the output (torque) of the engine lost in the downsizing engine in the entire engine speed range
You can. This product features "promote the activation of all substances"
Performance is dramatically improved by applying it to various parts of the main components of the car (intake and exhaust system, electric system, undercarriage, car body)
It is possible to improve the overall characteristics.
Mounting is very simple, just wrap around the object, or paste it instantaneously
I can feel it. However, depending on the mounting position, it may not be able to draw out the effect sufficiently,

We have already succeeded in reforming radioactive materials applying plasma technology in Japan. If specific conditions are met
Similar results may be obtained even under normal temperature and normal pressure environments. As one solution to HADOO technology,
I am convinced that there is a potential to play a part of future industrial material technology.