First off from now! 「Earth」
The car is running with a battery. Can improve the overall electricity
HADOO  テリーバEarth  (アースケーブル) 

Mounting position and method

Connect to the bolt of the body which is within the reach of the cable from the 【ー】 terminal of the battery,


■ Intake system: 「Torpawa intake
Activate air to maximum Maximum combustion efficiency UP looks like increase in displacement



Mounting position and method

Attach it to the intake pipe between the air cleaner box and throttle body and fix it with tie wrap.

Exhaust system : 「Torupawa Exhaust
The flow of exhaust varies only with the core 
Be careful not to step too much!!

Mounting position and method

Secure with a stainless steel hose band to the exhaust pipe rear end (muffler cutter) part.